Here are the commands provided by onshape-to-robot

onshape-to-robot - import a robot

This is the main script that run the robot import.


onshape-to-robot [directory containing config.json]

onshape-to-robot-edit-shape - editing pure shape

This generates a .scad file and opens it, allowing you to editing the pure shape approximation of some mesh.

  • Check out the pure shape page for more information


onshape-to-robot-edit-shape [stl file]

onshape-to-robot-bullet - running bullet simulation to test your robot (URDF)

This script starts a bullet simulation with the given robot that was imported with onshape-to-robot.


onshape-to-robot-bullet [-f] [directory containing robot.urdf]

The optional -f flag can be passed to fix th robot base (useful for robotics arms for example).

Note also that: * If a joint name ends with _speed, it will control its with speed instead of position. * If a joint name ends with _passive, it will not be controlled. * If a joint specify its limits, they will be used for side sliders.

onshape-to-robot-clear-cache - clearing cache

onshape-to-robot uses cache for further call to avoid re-fetching all the data each time. You can use this command to clear the cache.


.. code-block:: bash