Installation & requirements


You will need an Onshape account and Python 3.


You might also need OpenSCAD for pure shape estimation and meshlab for STLs simplification. Those are not mandatory requirements but will unlock more features:

apt-get install openscad meshlab


From pip

Run the following to install onshape-to-robot from pypi:

pip install onshape-to-robot

From source repository

First, clone the repository:

git clone

Install the dependencies (can be in your python3 virtualenv):

pip install numpy pybullet requests commentjson colorama numpy-stl

You can know use the scripts that are in the root folder of repository (feel free to add it to your $PATH and $PYTHONPATH to run it from anywhere)

Setting up your API key

To go any further, you will need to obtain API key and secret from the OnShape developer portal

We recommend you to store your API key and secret in environment variables, you can add something like this in your .bashrc:

// Obtained at
export ONSHAPE_ACCESS_KEY=Your_Access_Key
export ONSHAPE_SECRET_KEY=Your_Secret_Key

Alternatively, those keys can be stored in the config.json file, that will override those parameters (see below). It is however preferred to use environment variables because you can then share safely your config.json without sharing your secret keys.